Potty Training at its FINEST

I have got to say…. having a puppy and a toddler together is one big fricking circus in this house! The dog is pretty much potty trained. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement in my soul about this! The toddler is in potty training process…. It’s going . . . → Read More: Potty Training at its FINEST

Just when I thought it was over….

Oh boy… if my neighbor only knew that I was sitting here blogging about his life.. UGH! That’s okay… he never needs to know! So here I go airing out more… “Assistant” has my phone number.  When I first met her I really was clueless to what was going on next door and I . . . → Read More: Just when I thought it was over….

Neighbor Drama Continued

I got sick and couldn’t continue on with the neighbor saga, but here I am to continue for all of those who were calling/emailing/DMing LOL  Names are being changed to protect identity. There was a knock on my door and I answer to find his “assistant” standing there, sunglasses on and not very happy. . . . → Read More: Neighbor Drama Continued

And I was like…. wooooa!

I’m a girl… and girls LOVE a good soap opera story in real life to watch unfold. Well, maybe not so much a soap opera story, but in this case…. A REAL LIFE O.M.G THERE’S A PIMP NEXT DOOR STORY!I’m gonna back it up here for a second to last week…. I think it . . . → Read More: And I was like…. wooooa!

Some days I tell ya

The potty training with Ella has amazingly been going pretty well. She tells me when she has to pee pee and we go running to her little toilet. I did not expect this AT ALL. I expected her to not understand the concept ~ she’s not even 2!

Today was one of those days . . . → Read More: Some days I tell ya

What do I do?

What do you do when you have a friend with such severe problems in her life you almost want to turn your head and have no part in it?

There’s a girl who lives here that ever since Ella was a newborn has needed me to be her friend. The first time I met . . . → Read More: What do I do?

Our Family’s New Addition…. and I need advice :)

Here’s Sophie!! She’s such a sweet addition

What a Sunday. It started for me at 5am waking up to Sophie pooping in her crate…. me not knowing, because it’s dark and letting her walk out of the crate instead of carrying her. It was gross, and made me want to cry, but we . . . → Read More: Our Family’s New Addition…. and I need advice :)

What do I do?

I’m happy where I’m at. I’m happy where I’m at in every aspect of my life. Especially where I live at. I never thought I could be happy away from my home, but strangely this has become my home.

We’re in a very scary economy, and people are losing their jobs left and right. . . . → Read More: What do I do?

I don’t get it

How in the world is it possible for people to hate someone so much that they all get together in a little click and talk horribly about this person, and then all of a sudden they’re nice to her face again and offering her support and embracing her again?

I hate clicks. I hate . . . → Read More: I don’t get it

Nevermind… we’re not like Brothers & Sisters

This morning at 5:38am Gino woke up and announced that his alarm didn’t go off. He was supposed to be to work at 5:00am. Nothing sucks more for me than to be waken up in the middle of my sleep, because I SUCK AT FALLING BACK TO SLEEP!

I layed in bed and . . . → Read More: Nevermind… we’re not like Brothers & Sisters

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