You had to know a complaint/vent was coming…

The baptism was beautiful and wonderful and everything that I expected, but I can’t hold this in anymore.

My inlaws and my brother were the rudest ever! Gino’s parents held it together through the baptism, and honestly I think my MIL felt the spirit, because it was hard not to. We had such an . . . → Read More: You had to know a complaint/vent was coming…

Case is dropped

Surprise, surprise. The case against me has been dropped. I can’t wait until his executor and bank get the news that their little plot didn’t work out.

Now we are back to living life with one less stress!

We Figured It Out

All because of one of Ella’s medical bills. I swear OHSU creates a million different accounts and one of them was mailed to our old address. Therefore, it never got paid. Then it got turned over to Oregon Department of Revenue and we got a letter from them regarding the hospital bill. Norm offered . . . → Read More: We Figured It Out


I’m a little less irritated today, but still pretty pissed. I didn’t go to church this morning, and not because of all this drama going on, but because it’s just too hard without Gino. He has to work today. I’m supposed to go on a picnic with some friends from church, so I’ll probably . . . → Read More: Blah!

Talk about DRAMA!

Boy, I can’t catch a break lately. My Grandma called me today to tell me that I am being investigated by the State of Oregon for elderly whatever. You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! There’s a lot of greedy, money hungry assholes in this world, and unfortunately Norm (my Grandpa that I do . . . → Read More: Talk about DRAMA!

It’s not just me! Jayden sees it too!!

Here is what Jayden told Mitch just now:

Uncle Mitch, why don’t you have a job? You could get a sign that says Help and you could get a job that way. Like at Burger King, McDonalds, Sea World and there’s Wendy’s.

Mitch and I both cracked up laughing.

The Joys of Ashland

Ashland is like it’s own little world. You have a little bit of everyone and everything there. They have the strangest laws you could think of and one thing that blows me away is girls can be topless. I always heard about this, but never really thought it was true.

My cousins Ryli . . . → Read More: The Joys of Ashland

White Noise

When the first White Noise movie came out I watched it with my brother. We were scared to death! That is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. The idea of the whole thing scares me. I don’t like thinking that spirits can try to communicate with us through air ways, while it’s . . . → Read More: White Noise


I’m not happy. Today I’m not happy AT ALL! I got my hair done yesterday and this is something that I’d been waiting to do for a while. Unfortunately it turned out NOTHING like I expected and have to decide whether I call the girl who did it and have her fix it, or . . . → Read More: Unhappy

Just Rude!

I think it’s only right that if you’re in someone’s home and they’re watching something that they watch everyday that you leave the TV alone. My whole morning was ruined and I’m going to rant about it right now.

I watch Regis & Kelly in the mornings and I absolutely love them. I then . . . → Read More: Just Rude!

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