Nevermind… we’re not like Brothers & Sisters

This morning at 5:38am Gino woke up and announced that his alarm didn’t go off. He was supposed to be to work at 5:00am. Nothing sucks more for me than to be waken up in the middle of my sleep, because I SUCK AT FALLING BACK TO SLEEP!

I layed in bed and pondered on so much. My desk for work is in my room and I kept staring at it thinking about all of the things I needed to get done. Then I started thinking about my post about my siblings and how I referred to the show Brothers & Sisters in that post. Then I started thinking about how they all drink wine in that show, and how I really miss wine. Then I decided my family is nothing like that show, because I can’t drink wine.

I miss wine sometimes. Especially the Principato Roseato from Olive Garden ~ the blush. Now that is some delicious tasting wine.

I’m over it…. I might have to take my friend Jen’s advice that she gave on her blog and take ambien.

1 comment to Nevermind… we’re not like Brothers & Sisters

  • Miranda Tate

    Brothers & Sisters is an AWESOME show. every Sunday at 9 (central time) :) Im sitting in front of the tv.. lol.. Tell Elder Foy hello for me!!! :)

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