Friday Favorites and RSS or Follow??

Friday absolutely rocks! I totally have been neglecting my Friday Favorites lately, so I figured I’d try to start back up again in doing this and combine them with my Aloha Fridays. 
If you’re here for Aloha Friday and frankly don’t care of about my favorite things this week, then you can scroll down to the question.

While on a hike for pictures, my friend {Brittany} and I were talking and my 8 year old son actually said to us, “For pete’s sake! Less talking more walking!” I’m telling you, people, the things that comes out of this kid’s mouth is UN-NORMAL…. WOW!

Ella’s vocabulary has EXPLODED! A few of my favorite new phrases, “Are you ready to rock?!?!” “NO WAY!” “SERIOUSLY??” She is just a total crackup!

The week was pretty laid back, so sadly those are the only favorites that come to my mind… oh, and we had WONDERFUL picnics… on Sunday we had one as a family and on Tuesday we had one with Brittany and baby Paxton.

OKAY! Now for {Aloha Friday}!!

I tend to take simple things and dissect them to completely understand the point. I know, it’s a flaw, but I hate double doing something and if there’s 2 of something I need to understand what the major differences are, and why choose one over the other.

When going to subscribe to a blog to get updates when they update do you subscribe via RSS or do you follow their blog?
I hate that there are 2 ways to do this and don’t know which one is better. I notice that if I follow a blog their updates go in my Google Reader anyways. What do you do? I think I’ve decided to follow if there is a follow gadget on their blog, and if there’s not then I’ll subscribe via RSS. I tried putting the Google Follow Gadget on my blog, but it gets errors for some reason…. so I’m working on this for the people who like to follow more than subscribe.

I can’t wait to hear other’s thoughts on this, because it’s something I know is SO SIMPLE, but I just need to know how other’s determine which way to use.


27 comments to Friday Favorites and RSS or Follow??

  • TheAngelForever

    I have to admit that I really did not get the follow fully until recently. Then I noticed that I was getting double feeds on some. I think I agree with you that the follow may be the easiest way if it is there.

  • Drahdrah

    I follow the blogs I like. I don't even know what an RSS Feed is. If a blog I like doesn't have the follow gadget, I just bookmark it, and check back whenever I remember to.

  • Swoozie

    Ha Ha! I'm with Drahdrah on this as I'm not so sure what a RSS Feed and I follow who I can and bookmark the rest!

  • wkiskizt

    I like Google Follow. My reason is simple: the pictures. I really enjoy the collage of faces. Weird, I know. For blogs that don't use Google Follow, I do add their RSS feed; I use Google Reader and it all ends up in the same place anyway.

  • Michelle

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't "get" all the ins and outs of blogging and the techy world! So far I follow, but I do offer both on my sites.

  • Kara

    I'm like you…I don't know which is best & they both end up in my reader anyway so I do whichever one I see to click on.

  • Smellyann

    I don't know, can I pick "other"? I just c/p the blog link into my Google Reader's "subscribe" space.

  • sues2u2

    There's actually only one person who I subscribe to the feeds & that's Kailani. Everyone else I just follow. (I follow her too, though.) Much easier that way.

  • kailani

    I subscribe using Bloglines. It's the only way I can keep up with the new posts.

  • Pamela M. Kramer

    I use both because I'm in different places at different times but I also have some via email. I do everything through email and that is the quickest way I normally get to see a post.

  • Ave

    I like to follow. It's so easy!

  • sheila

    I follow through friend connect, rss and my blogroll.

  • Auntie E

    I use to be on RSS and Goggle reader however I found that it was easy for some blogger to take your post and use them on their site as their own so I no longer do that. Most of the bloggers I follow I do it on my blog as blogger links. It gives me an update to what they have posted. On occasion I will follow by e-mail subscription. then I get their post in my e-mail.

  • Design it Chic

    i definitely follow! It's easier for me! And i believe it helps me keep things more organized this way.

    Aloha Friday!

    * stopping by from An Island Life

  • Jennifer

    I definitely follow and if they have an email option I do that as well. :)

  • Erin @ Closing Time

    When I first started, I thought Follow was a great thing. Then I discovered that the more blogs I followed, the longer it took my Dashboard page to load. It was becoming a real problem. So now I subscribe to the RSS feed if the blog has that option. If that is available, I will Follow, but I don't like to do that because of the problem mentioned above.

    I have the Follow feature available on my blog, but I wish I didn't. It also greatly slows down the loading of my blog page (and I hate that for my readers), but I don't want to remove the Followers option because of the people who are already following…I just don't know what to do about that issue!

  • AudreyO is the best in my opinion. Then I subscribe via email and can glance at the posts right from my email box. If I want to comment, there's a link in the email to take me to the post.

  • Shelly

    I follow through Google friend connect mostly. I don't like lots of email in my inbox every day.

  • Stacie

    I like to follow by email as then I don't forget about the blogs that I like to visit. Actually I started following some on Networked Blogs on Facebook. It has been easier to keep up with some of them.

  • JanMary

    I prefer to subscribe by the feed, then I can put the blog in a category – food, photography, home decor etc.

    I like to read my blog feeder in "chunks" by topics.

  • Together We Save

    I loke to follow blogs the best. Like you saif you can get updates from google reader so that is my fav.

  • Becca

    I have multiple options up on my blog for people to read my blog. Just like with everything in life, people prefer different things. I prefer to subscribe via email so that I can just read blogs in my email :)

  • Deni

    I follow – I don't even know what an RSS is or how it works.

  • Stefany

    I use RSS feed for the ones I can't live without or ones that update all the time. I use Google Friend for others that don't update as much, those I check less often or whatever.

    I disable the follows on my Reader. I check those on my dashboard.

  • Annie

    I follow via google friends connect. Then I have all my blogs in one list and it updates the blogs with new posts for me. I can read them in one place 😉

  • matt0701

    I prefer RSS feeds because I"m able to organize them better in Google Reader. When I follow, they all go into one folder…no matter how many times I try to sort them, they go back into the Blogs I'm following folder. So, RSS feeds for organization.

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