I’m gonna ramble here

I’m here to ramble. To get how I feel out, so I don’t drive people crazy with it later ~ you’re more than welcome to stick around and hear me out :)

I think it’s kind of been hitting me lately that I’m not pregnant. Especially when I hear about other people expecting. It almost stabs me in the heart a bit, because I SHOULD BE THERE! I should be struggling with morning sickness, getting close to little flutters in my stomach. Dang it! I’m sad.

I feel so torn, because while I’d love to jump right back into the TTC action, I know that there’s a couple of things that need to be taken care of first.  

  • I need to get my hormones checked.  I really feel like my progesterone issues that I had with the Mirena might have had a little something to do with losing this baby.  SO I have to go in and get my hormones all checked and make sure that I’m okay in that department.
  • Next… I REALLY want to lose some weight before getting pregnant again.  I don’t want to go into this pregnancy unhealthy, so if I could drop even 20 lbs before getting pregnant I’d be THRILLED…. if I lost a bit more I wouldn’t be too sad about that.
  • I want to get finished with my Unfinished Business list.

Then I can make a baby ~ when it does happen though I think we’ll keep it to ourselves for a while ~ because if we have a repeat I dread telling people.


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