Ba da ba ba ba I’m LOVIN IT!

Tidy Mom I'm Lovin It Fridays

Working is weird to me. 

I seriously cannot believe that at one point in time I did this for


I was excited to participate in Tidy Mom’s I’m LOVIN’ IT FRIDAYS, but then I realized that my life has been so consumed by BLAH WORK that I don’t really know exactly what it is that I really have been lovin… I feel like even though I’m at home at night it goes by so quickly and then I’m back at work.

It’s okay though, because what gets me through is knowing that at the end of October I’ll be back at home with my precious, spunky 3 year old princess….. and we’ll be anxiously awaiting the arrival together throughout the days of the newest little princess that will be blessing our lives in December.

SO I decided for today that I wanted to just talk about the fun blogs that I have discovered this week for I’M LOVIN’ IT FRIDAY!  Seriously, people…. I am LOVING these blogs!

I’m totally pregnant by the way, so I’m sure you knew that I would be featuring probably the best 2 food blogs out there!  First we have


I would put her blog button right here for ya’ll to click, but I’m not seeing one on her blog….. but I promise, click on her name and you’ll be in love too.  Looking at her Mouth Watering Mondays I think I might have gained some more weight…. and the doctors will be thrilled by this!   

NEXT we have the lovely


When I arrived at her blog I think I heard angels singing in the background…. seriously.  She has recipes that are SO EASY and make you want to bust out your heels, put on that cute apron and play Martha, or Rachel or whoever your favorite foodie is.  {I’m still a little bitter right now that I’m having to be at work… while I could be at home… COOKING!} 

My very next favorite discovery of the week is No Time for Flashcards
No Time For Flash Cards

Dude, she’s hands on with her kid, which is THE BEST and she has the best ideas. When I am at home {oh dear Sweet November how I long for you} I am stealing every one of her ideas. Period. And miss Princess Diva Ella and I will be having the time of our lives. Not that we can’t do it all when I get home from work, but I do need to be spending my time practicing the above blog’s ideas in the kitchen until bedtime… you know, because

I’m pregnant and HUNGRY!

I am joking, people. Kinda.

7 comments to Ba da ba ba ba I’m LOVIN IT!

  • Going to check these out! Thanks!

  • I absolutely LOVE Picky Palate!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, though. I need to head back over. I also love Southern FairyTale…but the last one is new to me! I checked it out…what fun! I’m bookmarking that one!

  • I love No Time for Flash Cards. Have you ever heard of ? This is one of my favourites. We are doing the ABC scripture series. Another great site is Kids of Integrity. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can just imagine how anxious you are to be at home with your little ones. I remember that feeling. Thanks for stopping by. I am your newest follower by the way!
    Myrtle recently posted..Home Sweet School with Wallies

    • Thanks for stopping by!! And a huge thanks for the info one the websites ~ I’m ALWAYS looking for new awesome sites to inspire me with my children. Isn’t it amazing what this blogging community does for one another in regards to inspiration?

      Glad you’re following!! I hope you enjoy it around these parts :)

  • I can’t wait to go and read them! Thanks girlfriend!

    And hoping the next months fly by so you can be at home. xoxo
    Chelle recently posted..Post Its Time

    • Thank you, Chelle. So far it’s REALLY flying by! My trick is trying not to focus so much on the due date of the baby ~ because when you obsess over an upcoming event things tend to go by SOOOOO SLOWLY!

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