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I’ve missed out on the first couple of weeks of the Friends you Love Bloghop, but jumped in this week with an AMAZING blogger to share with you.  If you haven’t met Crystal over at {Wanna Be Balanced Mom} you are MISSING OUT!  Crystal and I have so much in common so when I stumbled upon her blog I knew she’d always be a favorite of mine.  I found her by somebody tweeting about a video of her singing to her husband at her wedding….. it made me cry!  So PLEASE make sure you head over and check her out!!  And below her button is a guest post from the fabulous Crystal herself!!  ENJOY!

Hello all you Enchanting Havoc readers, I’m honored to be here today doing a guest post. Don’t ya just love Amanda, such a great person, and lovely blogger, always being so open and honest about everything.

Today I thought I’d brag a bit about the famous people I’ve met. I try to tell my husband these stories in hopes to prove how COOL I am, but he’s never impressed. I’m proud to say that, yes, I met Will from Black Eyed Peas. I know I know…. I AM amazing!!! Never thought you’d be reading reading a blog post of a practically FAMOUS mom, right! ha, I bet not.

So here’s the story. This happened WAAAAY back when I was at the young age of 19. I was with my BFF Brenda, at a Macy Gray concert in Arizona. This was back when the Black Eyed Peas weren’t real popular yet, and they were opening for Macy. So anyway, my friend and I were dancing around up in the front close to the stage, next thing we know, there is Will, hanging out in the crowd.So of course, Brenda and I, being the opportunists that we are, went over and started dancing with him trying to flirt our way backstage to meet Macy. Like I said, he wasn’t that big yet, so we weren’t so much interested in meeting him.

Well, our plan worked, just as we were about to go backstage with Will, this stupid security guard stopped us and wouldn’t allow us back there, ugh! Well, we did hang out with Will for a bit, even snapped a few pics. But of COURSE…..of all pictures to get screwed up, these ones didn’t turn out, I think the flash wasn’t working or something. I know what you’re all thinking, yeah, sure……. nice cover up. But no, I’m serious this really happened!

So…………. do you think I’m cool yet?

If not, then here’s another one for you.

Now this goes even further back, when I was 17 working at a little guetto pancake house downtown. I met Lou Diamond Phillips!!!!!

Do you even know who he is? My husband was like, “big deal, he’s not even famous”, ha, I beg to differ. Haven’t you seen the movie La Bamba?……….Well I didn’t either until I met Lou. Okay, I admit, I had no clue who he was when he came in, until a coworker started freaking out. I was like oooh, someone famous, I better go meet him. So, I went up and talked to him for a bit, asked him about his career (he was in town filming BATS), he showed me a picture of his little twin daughters, and he left me a $10 tip, pretty awesome huh :). Well, needless to say, that night I went home and watched Labamba for the first time.

Still not impressed?

Okay, last but not least……..I met Megan Joy from last seasons American Idol. And this one I can actually prove :)

She was very sweet, and I loved her as a singer. I hope she comes out with some cool songs soon. I thought she was very unique and different.

Now for the people I would LIKE to meet

I’ve been a fan of Julia Roberts since Pretty Women, LOVE her!

I love Ellen Degeneres, I watch her show all the time and just love how funny she is.

I’m very intrigued with Angelina Jolie, I love how she’s really into her kids an also a successful actress at the same time. Don’t exactly know how it’s possible for her to do both, but she sure makes it look possible :)

Most of all I would LOVE to meet Thomas S. Monson. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick his brain for a day. What an inspiring person he is.

Okay, well, you’ve all seen

The Secret

So now that I’ve put it out there, perhaps one day I’ll have the opportunity to meet one of these amazing people.

All right, so let’s hear it! What’s your claim to fame story?

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