The post where I talk about moving away from EVERYTHING

I’ve never felt like I belong where I’ve been in life.  I sometimes imagine myself living in the south, eating fried foods and corn on the cob and listening to Sweet Home Alabama while I rock in rocker on my porch.

Other times I imagine myself living right on the coast.  I never imagine the Pacific coast ~ I think more like Maine, or somewhere so far.

Then there’s the thrill I get inside when I imagine closing my eyes and pointing on a map and planting my roots there.  Why not?

We started our lives and family together in Sacramento, California.  I thought it was beautiful.  I thought I was lucky to live in a city that was so close to the mountains, and so close to the ocean.  I thought that seeing all of the trees all over the city and the beautiful rivers that flowed through it was like a painting out of a book.

I started to realize that Sacramento really isn’t all that beautiful.  There’s a lot of havoc {and not Enchanting Havoc} and a lot of negativity.  It’s expensive and it’s BIG.  We had a lot of family and a lot of friends though and I just couldn’t imagine picking up my life and moving away from it.

So the idea of living in the South, the East Coast, or just randomly closing my eyes and picking a place was not an option.  How could I leave everything I know and love?

I did it.  It’s been 3 years, 5 months & 6 days since I packed up a Uhaul and made the leap… we were high tailing it out of the city and giving our kids the life we knew they deserved.  And guess what?!  We chose a place that is IN the mountains and the Ocean is still just a 2 hour drive away.

My kids didn’t deserve to have their mom working everyday and then arriving home just a couple of hours before bed time routine was to begin. 

They didn’t deserve to live in a place where the gangs and ghetto life would eventually seep into their neighborhood.  They need to feel safe. 

They didn’t deserve to not be able to play out front and ride their bikes and walk happily to the park while waving at friendly neighbors. 

I may have left what family and friends I had behind and chose a place a nice cushiony 5 hours away, but I made the best decision I had ever made in my life.  I love my family, but I love my distance.  I love my friends in Sacramento, but I never had friends that were moms there.  I never was able to understand that THERE ARE OTHERS OUT THERE THAT FEEL THE WAY I FEEL!  I can actually make friends that have something in common with me.

Moving away from my security, what I always knew and trusted broke me out of a shell I was confined in for so many years.  I had to start from the bottom and work my way up.  I didn’t have friends that I had gone to school with.  I didn’t have family that I’d known my whole life {I do have relatives where I live though}.  I was forced to grow as an individual.  I was forced to step out of my box and talk to new people, and make mom friends and go to the park and soak in the days with my kids.  And discover CHURCH.

I learned to cook. 

I learned that there’s a completely different person inside of me, and she’s a person I actually like.

I learned that my marriage is the most important relationship I have on this earth.  That any outside influences that take me away from him are not good influences.

I learned to be a mom.  And this to me was the most important thing I learned.  I was a mom a before, don’t get me wrong, but I lived a fast paced, busy life.  I didn’t take the time to REALLY be the mom that my children deserve.

I learned that I can figure life out without the influences of other people.  I can figure out what I like, what I believe, and what my values are all on my own.

Picking up and moving away from the only thing we ever knew truly was the best thing I ever did.  I will never go back to that fast paced, city life again.  I’ve found my happiness and I’ve found me.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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