Digitally Organize Your Life with AboutOne {GIVEAWAY!!}

One of my weird guilty pleasures is watching the show Hoarders.  I cringe when it’s over and rush to whatever things I’m hoarding and start throwing it all away.  Well, that is until it

comes to all the paper stuff.  You know, the kids’ artwork, the awards my son received from school, the papers the pediatrician gives me after each doctor’s appointment informing me about where my children are on the charts.  These types of things I hoard.  I’m here to come out and admit… I’m a hoarder.

I know I’m not the only one, because YOU…. yes, YOU reading this right now… I know you have artwork of your kid that you’re clinging onto because it’s JUST TOO CUTE to toss.  You, my friend, are also a hoarder.

Can you believe that there’s hope for us?  I came across About One a few days ago and I’m not over exaggerating when I say MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.  I have been scanning, and uploading and TOSSING.  I’m scanning things like my son’s awards he received when he was in public school, artwork that I just can’t part with, our birth certificates so that they are ALWAYS accessible.  That’s just the beginning.  I’m uploading these things in the most organized way I think I’ve ever seen. is a secure online service that makes it easier for moms to manage family life by providing one convenient location to quickly and easily store and manage family memories (text, photos and videos) and household information (health, possession, and education records, contacts and more) and providing the ability to access this data, at home or away, with a computer, cell phone, or other web-enabled device.

AboutOne is much more than just a digital filing cabinet. It also makes your information useful on a daily basis with time saving features like automatically created family newsletters (including text, video, and artwork) and caregiver instructions, paper greeting cards that mail themselves, and more.

It was designed to save time through fast and easy data entry with your phone, a scanner, or computer. There’s no need to enter history. You just open your account and, in seconds, enter info as life happens – document your baby’s first steps, scan a household receipt, record an idea in your gift log. Plus, AboutOne serves as your organizational GPS, guiding you along the path to organization with advice and suggestions.

With AboutOne, you’ll also have the information you need, right at your fingertips, to make informed decisions and respond quickly to a medical or other emergency.

This short video shows why moms love VIDEO

My Favorite Features:

You can create files for all of your friends and contacts and upload documents to them.  You can also create a gift log for them, and keep track of gift ideas you have for them throughout the year.  Major bonus in this is you can create files for all of your stores you go to, and then scan your receipts into the documents section and TOSS THAT RECEIPT!!!!  Tossing makes this hoarder HAPPY!

With one click of the mouse a monthly newsletter can be created to send or email to your friends and family.  This newsletter compiles all the information you fed into your profile for the month including pictures, milestones, memories, basically whatever you choose to share and sends it off to your friends and family to keep them in the loop of your life.

Aboutone can automatically make a hardcover memory book including pictures, memories, and milestones.  This is my DREAM! I love the idea of doing a yearly scrapbook, but I’m busy and it just doesn’t happen.  And Christmas cards?  Um… woops didn’t send any out this year.  Yup, you can have Aboutone take care of that for you.  You just pay for the stamp and the card.

My daughter has a heart condition and in order for us to leave her with anybody I have to write out this long spill about what to look for, her cardiologists information, her pediatrician’s information, oh and all the information about the medication that she has to take every 8 hours.  Aboutone has a printables section that will print all of that information out for the babysitter.  Actually, Aboutone gives even more information than I ever would have thought about.


At first I was a little hesitant about putting so much of my information online, but then I read on their site:  We use the same technologies and practices that banks and other financial institutions use to protect customer information.

That is just the beginning.  I highly suggest going and reading about all of the amazing steps Aboutone has gone to secure your information.  It honestly has me feel secure enough to upload copies of my social security cards, birth certificates, and other highly confidential documents.  You can read all about it {HERE}

When I read all about Aboutone I instantly thought it was going to be at least $100/year… honestly.  I think it’s a dream come true.  So when I read that it’s only $5.00/month or $30.00/year I called my husband at work stumbling over my words with excitement.  Aboutone will even give you a 17 day FREE passport to try it out.  People…. this is a STEAL!

Even better than that…… I have an annual subscription to giveaway to one of my readers!!


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