The little truly know what it’s all about

There’s this time in life when there’s no stress; no worries. The rising sun and the fluttering butterflies are the here and now – nothing else matters.

I’ve been paying attention to a lot of the young children these days and am sad to see so many growing up way too early. It is our job as parents to keep them innocent. I’m seeing 11 year olds with makeup and dressed like they’re 19 and I cringe inside. Why in the world would their moms take their childhood away from them?! I’m sorry, but there is absolutely NO NEED in this world for a 12 year old, let alone an 11 year old to be wearing makeup! 13 should only be the introduction to light makeup!

I just don’t fully get the rush! I know that the tweens are just DYING to dip their toes into the life of a teen and shortly after adulthood, but dang it! Once they are in their 20’s they’ll look back and wish that they still were innocent; still didn’t understand the worries of the world.

They’ll wish that they could have a tea party on the beach

Something about this picture is more refreshing than I can really, truly put into words. I can try to muster this out though, we live our lives by moment by moment. This moment, right here where the girls are so innocently gazing at the ocean makes me realize something so simple.

Life each moment like it’s your last, treat people like it’s the last time you’ll see them, chase your dreams no matter how old you are, reach within the depths of your soul and pull out that inner child within you – and remember that each moment that we have on this earth is a gift so treat it that way <3

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