You’re so vain…… you probably think this blog is about YOU!

Why is it that when I am hurt inside and I voice it I’m wrong?  Why is that every other person thinks they have a right to judge how express myself and tell me that the way I go about things is wrong?

This is MY blog.  This is where I JOURNAL MY FEELINGS and it’s not always beautiful, and it might be about certain people, but THIS IS MY PLACE!  If people have an issue with the things I write about on my blog then they have no business being here.  I am not a hermit that hides inside of myself with my feelings…. my feelings are put out there, voiced with words and displayed for anyone to read them.  Blogging isn’t for everybody, but blogging is for me.

I’m tired of people always throwing me voicing myself online in my face.  THIS IS ME…. THIS IS WHO I AM.  Stop coming here to psychoanalyze every single blog post that I write, because believe it or not… YOU are not the sole focus of my life.  And if you find yourself in a blog post of mine and don’t want to be…. then don’t do things that tempt me!

The end.

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