I’m slightly funny about where I write.  Lately my laptop is not working – well, everything on it works perfectly except for the wifi.  It absolutely will not turn on and it’s so sad to me.  I LOVE my desktop, but I don’t always want to write while sitting at the table.

So I finally fixed a couple of things on my husband’s laptop so that I can use it to finally WRITE!

With blogging you get to meet all sorts of different people, and then you start to become one with them as you read into their lives and connect with their blogs, and soon you’re peeing into their souls and hearts and know things that people who don’t read their blog know nothing about.  It’s really hard to explain, but you form connections and friendships with these bloggers.

I honestly don’t even know how Julia and I stumbled upon one another, but we did…. her son has a heart condition – much different than Ella’s, but I think that somehow brought us together.  She also lived in Oregon.

Julia is one of those super supportive people that have a way of touching you.  When Ella overdosed, she was there for me.  When I lost my baby before Aliyah (we were due VERY close together) she was there with loving words for me.  She’s just the type of friend that you smile inside and are so thankful that you have her in your life…..even if it’s just through words online.

Julia’s 12 year old daughter was called home to her heavenly father in a VERY tragic accident regarding a sheet and a bunkbed.  She fell, and the sheet got wrapped around her and now her 2 loving parents, 5 siblings and an insane amount of other family and friends are grieving over her.

Julia has inspired me through her strength.  As a parent you can’t even begin to fathom losing one of your babies….it’s just something that’s unthinkable.  She has found a way to find the blessings through it, how a baby got a new heart valve, and a young man will walk again, and two people will now be able to see.  I don’t have many words to express my amazement at her strength.

Gino and I have had a very challenging thing going on this past week.  Something we’re sortof being mum about for the time being.  We’ve had to embark on an emotional roller coaster, and it’s involved every emotion from mad, to happy, to sad, to confused, to up in the air…. and right now we’re sitting up in the air playing a wait game that isn’t necessarily fun to play.  I’ve had my moments where all I’ve wanted to do is just break down and drop my faith and just be angry…. but Julia has inspired me to hold on and find the beauty and blessings in this – no matter what the outcome.

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  • I never had the chance to read this – I stumbled across it now as I tried to catch up a bit on your blog. Thank you. I feel the same towards you and I’m so grateful for your prayers and support. I hope things have worked out ok – and I wish I had been more aware and intune over the past few months. :-)

    • Julia…

      It didn’t end well. It ended in yet ANOTHER miscarraige. Heavenly father sure works in mysterious ways, and I do know this… I do know that there is a light at the end of that horrific tunnel. Thank you for your words, and just know that I did not expect you to visit ANY blogs for a while after your tragedy. Just know that I STILL pray for your family every night. Lizy is a beautiful soul <3

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