RESET – Sometimes you have to.



I miss my mom blog.

Life since I’ve stopped really mom blogging it up? It’s been invigorating. It’s been deliciously warm to the soul happy. I have been going to school to pursue a lifetime goal of becoming a CPA only to discover along the way that my calling in life isn’t about crunching numbers for somebody else….nope, it’s actually about the rewarding feeling I’ve been feeling as I’ve been helping and changing people’s lives with essential oils. I’m still in school, but I know within the very depths of my soul that I was meant to help others. The life changing things that have happened to people because I ventured on this new journey of sharing oils is humbling. Very, very humbling.

So back to the mom blog. I’ve gone back and did this whole reset button on what’s happening in our home. I’ve stopped looking outward at what so and so on Facebook is doing or said. I’ve stopped comparing myself to the mom blog that somehow just full on has it together. I’ve stopped stressing out at how perfectly clean friends homes can be when mine seems like a constant struggle. I’ve realized that perspective is so much more important. I’ve realized that the time spent in my home with my children is so much more important than the playdate I couldn’t find time for, or the mom night out, or the millions of kid activities I could be suffocating our lives with.

We’ve just learned to be.

We have our days where guess what….the TV is on for the majority of it, and Aliyah learns some pretty cool stuff while watching it. We have our days where I pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer and pop it in the oven and watch my childrens’ faces light up at the idea of having crap for dinner. We have our days that the TV is off and I’m completely involved and doing what “society” deems to be a good mom. Well, guess what….that day that she got to watch more TV than her routine morning Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger, I was being a good mom too. I was either cleaning or networking to give her a college education paid for one day. Most days, I cook a delicious, home cooked meal for this family, but sometimes you have to just pull out the mac and cheese box and smile at your kids as they’re stuffing their face and asking you what your suck was for the day. The moment that we were all just there together in the end was truly all that mattered.

See, I got to the point recently where it all was just exhausting…. the judging and the Facebook posts and blog posts that make you feel like you just suck at your life. You don’t suck at your life….it’s YOUR life! It’s all just about perspective. I could have freaked out and tore myself apart for giving my kids something every mom in my area would probably gasp at (I’m over exaggerating here) I just felt grateful that they had food, and we were still able to have that dinner as a family, because that’ what’s important to us. 

So, now, I just scroll down….if it’s a post on Facebook that is geared towards ‘I do this so much better than you’ I smile and think…thank goodness you do you and yours so well! I love the way I do me and mine.

It’s a relieving feeling.

We all are crafting these beautiful lives, and we need to all be proud of our lives. We need to embrace our faults and our failures and pick up the next day and try to be a little bit better than who we were the day before, but only for us. Reach within and find who you are. Reach within and discover what you’re passionate about. Focus on that. Life can be so beautiful when your perspective is on the beauty.

So I’m going to tippie toe back into blogging. There’s going to be a lot about my kids, because they’re my world. There’s going to be a lot about oils, because I believe in them. I’m going to talk sometimes about my church, which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints….also known as Mormon, because that’s what I believe in. You’re going to get positive, inspire your soul words, because I want to inspire.

So welcome back to my journey in blogging.

2 comments to RESET – Sometimes you have to.

  • Barbara

    I love this post. I’m not even a mother yet and I get so tired of hearing all the judgmental crap people funnel onto social media. Why is it so hard for us as a society to want to lift eachother up? Thanks for taking the time to uplift those who will read this post and may not feel like Wonder Woman. It will brighten their day for sure! :)

  • missgraceful

    Hey Amanda, thank you for this post. I was also just asking Dr. google about Mastitis and came to your blog. I love what you wrote here! It is so wise and so true. Thank you for writing this! – a mother of 2 (10 weeks and 1,5 years old) –

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