A Sign?

Occasionally we hear of things that make our eyebrows raise. We don’t fully understand or believe until the unsight is seen. It’s hard to grasp the unnormal, or even to fully understand it. Last night the unseen happened to me. I was in the bath last night, reading The Shack. Such a powerful book, . . . → Read More: A Sign?

Tonight’s all about rants and raves…. I’m allowed!

I wrote what I had to write about Mya. It was a post from my heart, and this is going to be one too. I wish that people remembered her. I wish that people understood why I love her and miss her so much. I wish that people who I am close to in . . . → Read More: Tonight’s all about rants and raves…. I’m allowed!

3 Years Ago Today – We miss you, Mya

I’m strong. I can hold myself together and put a smile on my face when I shouldn’t. I can justify anything and look for the light at the end of the tunnel. But I need to remember that I don’t always have to do this. It’s okay for me to be mad, upset, depressed, . . . → Read More: 3 Years Ago Today – We miss you, Mya

I never knew you, but I love you

I never heard you, but I hear youI never held you, but I feel youI never knew you, but I love you

I went tonight to watch probably the scariest movie I’ve seen in such a long time, The Orphan. The above poem was in the movie and a situation much like {mine} . . . → Read More: I never knew you, but I love you

Being Thankful

Do you ever wake up in the morning happy to be awake early? Happy to be alive? Looking forward to all of the days activities…. even if it’s just about getting housework done? This has been me for the past couple of days. It’s weird.

I get excited when I wake up and can’t . . . → Read More: Being Thankful

Heck no that doesn’t mean that!

I’ve noticed that I’m kinda gaining a little bit of weight – I just might be bloated because my dreadful ladies day is approaching. I told Gino that I feel like I’m getting fat.

JAYDEN: Mom, that means you’re going to have another baby!ME: No it absolutely does not mean that.JAYDEN: Let’s Check!

Okay… . . . → Read More: Heck no that doesn’t mean that!

I miss her

I read something today on one of my friend’s blogs and it really hit me. She too lost a baby girl in September 2006. She was talking of how she doesn’t want people to forget her baby. I feel the same way. This year I was a little sad, because I mentioned to some . . . → Read More: I miss her

2 Years Ago Today – It’s our Mya Day

2 years ago today I walked into my house and smelt so good. My husband was making me tacos, because that’s what my baby girl loved. I was wearing this cute green maternity tank top, and I had just driven in traffic with blurry eyes. Blurry from crying them out.

It’s amazing how . . . → Read More: 2 Years Ago Today – It’s our Mya Day

I miss her

The past couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about Mya. Jayden got 2 balloons yesterday at dinner and he sent them both up to heaven. One for Mya and the other for Mr. & Mrs. Fishy. His fish died from being sucked up the filter. It was ironic that he did that, . . . → Read More: I miss her

Thank you, Mya

I asked Gino the other day if he ever thinks of Mya. He said, “Not as much anymore.” I thought about his reply and thought about how a year ago she was all I thought about and now a day actually does go by that I don’t think of her. I’ve prayed many, many, . . . → Read More: Thank you, Mya

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