Nothing but everything to say

She’s not growing up as quickly as the other two did.  I feel as if she’s soaking up her babiness – and I love it.

She’s 5 months already. She started sitting up a few days ago, and eating foods through her meshed little holder {coolest thing I’ve ever seen!}  She’s teething, but I’ve . . . → Read More: Nothing but everything to say

Effecting my other babies

Today is 2 weeks & 5 days of us being a family of 5.  I don’t think it’s been going extremely fast as I feel like Aliyah has been here with us a lot longer than that.  But she hasn’t and I’m sitting back and realizing how different things actually are.

. . . → Read More: Effecting my other babies

The moment I pray for God to have some answers for me

I’m just going to pre-warn you all that there is probably going to be some MAJOR rambling with this post…. I’m upset, and I’m confused and it’s times like this that I wonder why God entrusted me with children…. what if I make a wrong decision?

Shortly after I posted . . . → Read More: The moment I pray for God to have some answers for me

The Judging Game is OLD

This quote is now on my blog in many posts ~ it’s my favorite quote ever, and today I feel like I need to reference it.

“Each of us must direct our own lives, chart our own course and make our own decisions, and what is best for me . . . → Read More: The Judging Game is OLD

Stop to Kiss That Precious Smile

Apparently I’ve lived under this blogging rock and had no idea about The SITS Girls.  I noticed these past couple of days that some of my favorite bloggers were participating in this Back to Blogging, clicked on a link and found where all the cool bloggers are!  SO I had to jump . . . → Read More: Stop to Kiss That Precious Smile


. . . → Read More: STICK EM’ UP!

Fears of a Mama of 3 to Be

Oh my most favorite day of the week ever!

You think that your life feels complete and that there is nothing missing until the birth of your new child. I’m 26 weeks and 2 day pregnant.

I have fears . . . → Read More: Fears of a Mama of 3 to Be

The Hard Parenting Moments

Stepping out of the bathroom with a huge grin on your face because YOU ARE PREGNANT, you aren’t thinking about the challenges that are going to come along with those 2 beautiful pink lines.

I can still remember walking out of the bathroom and my husband being . . . → Read More: The Hard Parenting Moments

Mommy Guilt Sucks

This little guy used to be the center of my world entirely…. him and him only. He was the only baby in our family. My brother and sister hadn’t had children yet and the next baby in the family {my nephew} didn’t come until Jayden was 5. That’s 5 years of being spoiled . . . → Read More: Mommy Guilt Sucks

Working Mom, Turned Stay at Home Mom, Turned Working Mom

For so many years ~ 5 years, 7 months I was a working mom. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring Jayden to work with me for the 1st year of his life, but after that…. I left him. EVERY, SINGLE DAY… MONDAY-FRIDAY. This changed in 2007 and I was so . . . → Read More: Working Mom, Turned Stay at Home Mom, Turned Working Mom

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