Oh Hi! And BIG NEWS!

I make a comeback to my blog bearing news. I’ve stayed offline for a while due to the fact that my computer makes me sick.  It’s really hard to look at the screen.  And if you’re not on my facebook, you missed the announcement yesterday where I told everybody that I am 10 weeks . . . → Read More: Oh Hi! And BIG NEWS!

I’m gonna ramble here

I’m here to ramble. To get how I feel out, so I don’t drive people crazy with it later ~ you’re more than welcome to stick around and hear me out I think it’s kind of been hitting me lately that I’m not pregnant. Especially when I hear about other people expecting. It almost . . . → Read More: I’m gonna ramble here

7 Weeks Down… 33 To Go

My due date’s a little confusing. If you go off of my LMP it would 8/20/10. If you go off of my ultrasound it would be 8/26/10. So, for now I’m just going to go off of my 8/26/10 due date. The funny thing is, Ella’s due date according to my LMP was . . . → Read More: 7 Weeks Down… 33 To Go

Worked for YOU Wednesday…. Morning Sickness

I LOVE asking for advice…. and this week at {We Are THAT Family}, Works for Me Wednesday is all about asking what works for other’s…SO! I should have planned more, because now I sit here twirling my hair wondering what in the world I need help on.I GOT IT!I’m recently pregnant… I’ll be 7 . . . → Read More: Worked for YOU Wednesday…. Morning Sickness

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