WFMW ~ Double Toddler Trouble

If you don’t know about Kandi @ Twin-spirations you need to! She is my mentor in life, not only in my business, but literally in my life. I have received by far the BEST parenting advice EVER from her. Luckily she’s not an online friend for me…. she’s a smack dab in real life . . . → Read More: WFMW ~ Double Toddler Trouble

WFMW ~ A Life Tip

Kristen over at {We are THAT Family} has one of my favorite blogs…. I love Wednesday nights, because I can get all cozy and go through reading what works for other’s. I’m fashionably late today, but it’s still Wednesday!!! Today I’m talking about something completely off topic… most people are sharing recipes, parenting . . . → Read More: WFMW ~ A Life Tip

A Mineral Makeup GIVEAWAY!!!

One day I read on someone’s blog about Mineral Makeup and decided to give it a try.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINERAL MAKEUP!!  It has a way of covering things up that normal, cakey, liquid makeup can’t.  It has a way of giving a beautiful, natural looking glow to your face that has people stopping and . . . → Read More: A Mineral Makeup GIVEAWAY!!!

I need advice on Time Management – What Works for YOU?

I am a girl that gets extremely passionate about things. For instance…. I love photography, I love accounting, I love selling Wildtree, I love my newest adventure of owning my very own international telecommunications company, I love blogging, I love Tweeting, I love digital scrapbooking, I love photo editing and my list . . . → Read More: I need advice on Time Management – What Works for YOU?

Parenting Tips that Should Stick

Oh my…. it’s seriously already Wednesday?!? Where is the time flying to? This week for my Works for Me Wednesday I’m sharing a few parenting tips.  I know, I know, it’s a themed week and I’m totally going against it.  I felt in my heart that this is what I was supposed to be . . . → Read More: Parenting Tips that Should Stick

Creating My Own Success Story

I have completely neglected Garibay Soup these past few days…. almost a week actually. I took some time away from my blog, twitter (not full on, but tried to keep it on the back burner) and just did things that needed to be done.My friend Kandi contacted me regarding a business opportunity that she’s . . . → Read More: Creating My Own Success Story

When the Dog’s Got the Runs….. {lovely post, I know!}

I’m just gonna come out and say that NOTHING….. NOOOOOOOTHING is worse than a dog w/the runs. Talk about DISGUSTINGNESS in your home. Sorry for the TMI, but I’ve been dealing with it and it’s been HORRIBLE. So in my search for a remedy I turned my plea to Twitter… and {@ToBeThode} or for . . . → Read More: When the Dog’s Got the Runs….. {lovely post, I know!}

Organizing the Pics of your computer

Boy am I ever so late on this week’s Works for Me Wednesday.  It’s an organizing themed week and I’m chuckling inside, because lately I’ve been anything BUT organized.  So, today’s tip is going to be simple, sweet and to the point. I’m sure that when I go back later to read through . . . → Read More: Organizing the Pics of your computer

Tips to Surprise Your Kids

To be a good parent we are not always meant to stand as fun. We are not supposed to be the “friend” especially to our teens. We are here to ensure that our children receive structure, rules, morals among many other life tips that we hope they carry on with them.

In between all . . . → Read More: Tips to Surprise Your Kids

School Already?!?!?

This summer just FLEW right before my eyes. I feel like Jayden just got out of school and in 1 month he’ll be right back in it…. and in 2nd grade! Where oh where did my baby go?

Mornings suck for us. I have a hard time getting up early enough and without structure . . . → Read More: School Already?!?!?

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