and then there were 5

Through my pregnancy I was absolutely terrified that this little girl would enter this world and I wouldn’t be able to love her like I love Jayden and Ella.  I knew in my hear that this honestly in no way could even be possible, but I always had this small fear within . . . → Read More: and then there were 5

We’re Homeschooling! And I’m STILL pregnant

I really got quite used to my blog break.  I must say though…. I NEEDED IT!  With everything going on in our lives right now, I needed 110% focus on my life.  Tonight as I sit in a very quiet living room, with my children fast asleep, I felt the desire . . . → Read More: We’re Homeschooling! And I’m STILL pregnant

There is a big belly now!

So I had to share with everyone my latest belly picture! I’m 34 weeks 3 days today and snapped this picture to show my very pregnant belly! Within the past few days I finally feel PREGNANT. So pregnant it’s hard for me to tie my shoes, pick things up off the . . . → Read More: There is a big belly now!

4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

Yesterday was our 4th Myaversary.  4 years ago yesterday we found out our baby girl was no longer alive inside of me.  Hardest most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced inside.

I talk about {Mya} often.  She’s not something I’ve pushed under the rug and moved easily on . . . → Read More: 4th Myaversary ~ *Heavy Image*

Fears of a Mama of 3 to Be

Oh my most favorite day of the week ever!

You think that your life feels complete and that there is nothing missing until the birth of your new child. I’m 26 weeks and 2 day pregnant.

I have fears . . . → Read More: Fears of a Mama of 3 to Be

25 Weeks, 4 Days & what used to be a Due Date


Today was my due date for the baby I lost in January of this year. It’s weird to me how both Ella & this baby’s pregnancy came right after the loss of another baby. Going to the doctor to find out . . . → Read More: 25 Weeks, 4 Days & what used to be a Due Date

List of Randoms

Randoms ~ things going through my mind

~ I have become completely obsessed with cleaning out my garage. I think about it all day while I’m at work and every box I empty out I seriously feel like doing a happy dance.

~Once the garage is completely cleaned out I . . . → Read More: List of Randoms

The BIG news!!!!!

I am SOOOOO excited to announce that we will be having another GIRL!!!!  I am so excited for this on so many different levels.  Ella is going to have a SISTER!  I’m going to have my girls… we will get to all go out and get pedis and get our hair done together and . . . → Read More: The BIG news!!!!!


So, as I write this out I’m actually 15 weeks 4 days, but I’m updating on my doctor’s appointment that happened on Monday. Weight:  Total Down: 14lbs ~ Down 8lbs in 4 weeks (from my last appointment)  Doctors aren’t thrilled, but what can I do. Baby ~ heart beat was there…. always a scary . . . → Read More: PREGNANCY UPDATE! 15 Weeks 1 Day

12 Weeks, 4 Days and counting!

This pregnancy is going really well. We’re already in the 2nd trimester and my throwing up is finally coming to a halt (thanks so much to the drugs my OB prescribed me). Between the throwing up and my complete loss of an appetite to any food that isn’t a fruit or a vegetable has . . . → Read More: 12 Weeks, 4 Days and counting!

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